Top 5 Cryptos to Purchase


Are you a cryptocurrency newbie? Are you interested in XRP and Tether but not sure which cryptocurrency to buy? We’ll cover Cardano, XRP, Ethereum, and Terra (LUNA), the most exciting cryptocurrency to purchase in 2022. You can also purchase DeFi coins like Dai, which show the least volatility. This article will discuss the top 5 cryptocurrencies you should buy right now.

Terra (LUNA) is the most exciting cryptocurrency of 2022

With its high potential for price increases, Terra (LUNA) has emerged as the most exciting cryptocurrency of 2022. The platform is built on top of a DeFi-heavy network that aims to make payment systems more accessible and eliminate national borders. This project is considered to be a promising one by many traders and analysts. However, the price of Terra is subject to many factors, and there is a risk of losing your entire investment.

The primary use case of Terra is algorithmic stable coins, which decentralize fiat currencies while maintaining price predictability. Furthermore, Terra is a good candidate for launching any form of Dapps because of its interoperability with the Ethereum blockchain. This means that users of Terra will have access to the most popular and widely used Dapps. In addition, the platform also has a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, which allows it to maintain a stablecoin’s value on the network. In addition, the cryptocurrency will also have a regulated number, which is a crucial feature for stablecoins.


While a large number of cryptocurrencies have an extremely short investment history, there are a few that are worth considering investing in. Cardano is one of the top 5 cryptos to purchase for the reasons described above, as it is a relatively new asset with a strong future. This exciting coin will help you diversify your crypto holdings and reduce conversion costs. Although cryptocurrencies are much less volatile than traditional assets like gold, the relative value tends to fluctuate much more than their cash equivalents. Traders who carefully monitor the market can turn these gains into Cardano.

As a proof-of-stake cryptocurrency, Cardano is in the midst of a beer run, but the price of the altcoin is rising, and the Merge is expected to transition the entire Ethereum network to proof-of-stake. This could change the price of Cardano drastically. While this cryptocurrency may decline in the short term, it is a great place to start your crypto investing career.


XRP is not currently available on any centralized exchange in the U.S., but you can purchase it from decentralized exchanges. You will also need a U.S. dollar to purchase it on an exchange outside the U.S., but experts recommend sticking to mainstream exchanges. There are many ways to purchase XRP, including through exchanges outside the U.S.

If you are considering making a cryptocurrency investment, XRP should be one of your top five cryptos to purchase. This digital currency has a promising future ahead of it, and you can invest for cheap. However, weighing your risks and potential upside would be best before deciding whether to buy XRP. To help you decide, we have compiled some tips to make the best decision for your portfolio.


While Tether is a popular cryptocurrency for traders and investors, its troubles are not confined to its current price. This digital currency is listed on the Bitfinex exchange. Its founders are renowned and backed by a reputable bank. Although its price has dropped since its emergence, it is still among the top 5 cryptos to purchase. But before investing in Tether, you should know how it works.

Its price has been volatile, but this is not the case anymore. Several crypto exchanges offer the USDT token as a substitute for fiat currencies. This makes it easy for people to trade USDT for other cryptos without facing currency exchange fees. But the downside of using USDT is that it may depend on its underlying reserves, which can be risky for investors.


Among the top 5 cryptos to purchase, NEO has many reasons to be on your radar. It bills itself as a growing ecosystem to lay the foundation for the next generation of the internet. Its vision is to create a new economy based on digitized assets, identities, and payments. Originally known as Antshares, the project rebranded to NEO in 2013. To achieve this goal, the NEO blockchain allows users to participate in on-chain and off-chain governance, voting on improvements to the network protocol and earning GAS rewards for voting. Neo has a global community of developers, and its EcoBoost program encourages decentralized apps and smart contracts.

Like Ethereum, NEO is a decentralized platform that supports smart contracts. Its launch in 2014 resulted in a nearly $2 billion market cap. In 2021, it jumped 77% but was down considerably from its high of $122. Recently, however, the Chinese government has cracked down on cryptocurrencies. However, this hasn’t prevented investors from buying into NEO.


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