Use the Mobile Deep Linking App to Boost App Engagement


The mobile marketer’s toolkit must include the deep link. Sending push notifications with genuine value is crucial for maintaining user engagement with your app because users now want a personalized app experience.

Users may easily revisit an abandoned basket, read fresh content, shop for a bargain, or fall in love with new features thanks to the deeplink app which enables push notifications to connect users directly to certain pages within an app.

What Is Deep Linking?

Deep-linking helps marketers, E-commerce sellers, and Online sellers on apps and product managers to offer two unique sorts of journeys — one for app users and one for non-app users. If the user has the app, seamless “deep linking” to certain material is possible. The user is directed to the appropriate app store to download, install, and activate the app if they don’t already have it, at which point the pertinent in-app content will be displayed. However, if they do have the app, the “delayed deep linking” method kicks in.  

Simply put, deep linking is the capacity to link directly to content in your app. Tapping on a deep link directs visitors to a specific screen within your app rather than just launching the program and leaving them on the home screen. Consider profile pages, new content, product pages, or shopping carts.

Users can access in-app content directly through deep links from

  • Web link to app
  • Ad to app
  • Push notification to app
  • SMS to app
  • Email to app
  • Social media posts to the app
  • App to app
  • Search result listing to the app using app indexing

By saving users’ time and effort from having to search for a certain page manually, Deep Links are used to sending users directly to specified in-app places, vastly increasing the user experience.

Deep linking accomplishes this by specifying an intent URL that is the specification for Android devices or a special URL scheme that is the specification for iOS called Universal Links that launches if your app is already installed.

Deep links can also be configured to send users to particular pages or events, which may tie into campaigns you’d like to undertake.

What is Mobile Deep Linking App?

The process of using a URL to connect to certain pages or places within a mobile application is known as mobile deep linking that is also called mobile app deep linking.

It sends customers to relevant content rather than your app’s home screen and may be used in various ways, including notifications, emails, SMS, social networking, etc.

Importance of Mobile Deep Linking:

Businesses have now realized the importance of mobile deep linking for better customer experience, which drives better engagement and improves the process of onboarding new users and promoting the app. Also, it helps in tracking and leading to better marketing campaigns.

Enhance Customer Experience:

Deep links, which require little to no navigation, make it easier for customers to obtain material.

As a result, whether you are linking to material in your app from a mobile website, social media, etc., customers are able to navigate smoothly to that information. They also help lead users to specific pages of your app rather than the home screen.

Better Customer Retention:

It has been demonstrated that deep linking enhances important usage metrics.

Compared to users who weren’t deep-linked, deep-linked users displayed a doubled activation rate, a doubled retention rate, and a doubled frequency of app visits.

Better Customer Onboarding:

You can tailor-make and customize the onboarding process via deep linking.

For instance, you can give customized app invites or incorporate personalized incentives for customers or offers into the customer onboarding cycle using deep links.

Re-engagement With Customers

You can use deep linking to point users to specialized content rather than the default home screen when they have installed your app but haven’t used it in a while.

For instance, you may encourage customers to use your app once more by giving them a push notification with a link to a special offer, a brand-new function, or something else motivating them to use the app.

Improve app’s discoverability:

Deep links in mobile apps can appear in search engine results pages much like website content since Google indexes deep links in mobile apps.

This raises the likelihood that new users will discover your app via search.

Provides Insights for Campaign Effectiveness

You can more precisely determine which marketing and sources are most effective at bringing users to your application or encouraging downloads because deep links can pass data.

Is there deep link-related advertising involved, or is SMS or email, or is it through social media or because of referrals? When you use deep linking, you can cite all sources.

Good mobile products now absolutely must have deep connectivity. Mobile deep linking is beneficial for both customers and sellers because it has the potential to increase income.

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