What Are The Types of Automatic Doors?

Jason Markey

Automatic doors are of different types, but the popular ones are sliding and swinging doors. Due to its popularity, the knowledge of other types of automatic doors is not available to many. 

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The mode of operation and activities in a building determines the type of door that suits the company’s needs. There are different types of automatic doors, each with unique benefits and limitations. And in this article, we’ll establish each of them.

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Types of Automatic Doors

  1. Automatic Folding Doors. 

This type of automatic door is popular and preferred for its ability to give more access to people going separate ways at the same time. 

When triggered, the door opens in a compact folded direction, allowing easy entry and exit without hitches. They come in a single or bi-fold option; your choice depends on the activities carried out in the building. 

A bi-fold option will serve better at a mall than a law firm. Unlike some types of automatic doors, a bi-fold option reduces and prevents traffic when many persons are leaving and coming at the same time. 

  1. Automatic Revolving Doors  

This type is mostly seen in large buildings or companies. It also allows for a smooth movement of people simultaneously entering or leaving a building. 

The revolving door is seen as prestigious access that welcomes only one person per space despite the revolving door. 

It never fully opens. This prevents noise and excess air outside the environment from getting into the building. Hence, the temperature in the building is maintained. 

This makes it cost-effective for the business. This feature cannot be enjoyed using an automatic folding door.

  1. Automatic Sliding Doors. 

This is a common type that can be found in most malls, supermarkets, and places where there is high traffic.  

This type of automatic door is mostly built with glass. It is often installed with two-panel doors that slide open when the sensor is triggered. Automatic sliding doors are unique for government offices and buildings with high levels of traffic. 

They come in different shapes and designs. Some can be telescopic, overhead, in floor linear, curved or oversized. 

  1. Automatic Swing Doors 

This type of automatic door operates as though it has been pulled by someone behind. 

They can open either inward or outward, depending on the traffic. This type is not installed in a busy environment due to its slow motion while opening. 

Swinging doors also require special consideration for space behind the doors when opening. 

This type of door comes in the following types; fully automated, semi-automated, low energy models, and security automated. 


So far, we have established four types of automatic doors. Now, it’s up to you to choose the ideal one that matches your needs. It’s also in your best interest to hire a professional to help install the door to avoid any unwanted surprises. It will also help prevent any regrets in the future.

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