What is boosting and what is it intended for


What is boosting and what is it intended for

Today, boosting is very popular and in demand among fans of various computer games, including World of Warcraft. Learn more about the term, about how and under what conditions you can use the help and services of boosters.

What is boosting in WoW and what is it for

The concept boost wow means the help of experienced players in passing to other players those levels that they have already overcome. Initially boosting meant short-term strengthening. This meant that in order to achieve any goals, the player received weapons, new equipment, vehicles, etc.

Today, destiny boosting is about helping you complete levels, collect the maximum number of rewards on it, accumulate points and increase your rank. Game boosting has some peculiarities.

Features Boosting

If destiny boosting a character above level 60, that is, there is a chance to get veteran status and upgrade your first aid abilities to 700. If the user has not chosen a profession, it is assigned automatically based on the type of armor.

  • Plate armor – blacksmithing and mining.
  • Leather armor – leatherworking and dressing.
  • Clothes – tailor.

When creating a trial version, it is worth considering that such characters are not assigned veteran status.

Boosting is not a free service. It turns out to be boosters for a fee – game gold. There are situations when players pay each other with real money. Such episodes are suppressed by the organizers, as they are considered illegal.

Heirloom Armor

This refers to the armor of the heirloom races. Armor is a set of armor that is fully consistent with a particular race. When unlocking races and using boosting , the character does not receive her armor. Armor is received only by those who boost their character on their own from the beginning to the very end – from level 20 to level 110. Leveling with the help of booster services or through the “invite a friend” option does not provide such an opportunity.

Content boosting Legion

By a selected character, users can collect the following trophies:

  • Artifact containing 35 traits and 3 relics.
  • Bags in charcoal silk.
  • Accumulation of Ancient Mana (helps prevent large accumulations of ancient mana in Suramar).
  • Life-giving water charged with power.
  • Tome of the Tranquil Mind (Allows you to rotate talents outside the city).
  • Stone of Return to Dalaran.
  • Gold.

Where to go

There are several places where you can go. It all depends on the end goal.

  1. Dalaran.

This is where the first quest. It is designed to open Argus. You can move through the quest until the environment breaks through. You can go back in a day, when all the quests will be available again.

  1. If you want to see the story content of the legion, you should go to the class hall and activate and select the starting zone.
  2. You can fly on the Broken Isles.

Boosting destiny 2 services has its advantages both for boosters and for those who use their services. For the former, this is an opportunity to make new acquaintances, find friends, and also earn in-game gold. For the second, this is a chance to upgrade your account, level up, get a new rank. Players make joint raids, defeat bosses, overcome all the obstacles that stand in their way.

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