What Is Expat Online Counseling and Does It Work?


Expat online counseling, also known as “e counseling” or distance therapy, is a comparatively new field that is continuing to grow. The American Psychology Association has recognized online treatment methods. There is now a body of exploration which reveals that both clients and therapists view online counseling as efficient as face to face counseling, especially for specific types of disorders. There is even an educational journal, the CyberPsychology Journal, which reports such research.

The above terminology for expat Online Counselling

 has been used to relate to counseling or therapy using email, online chat, internet telephone and video conferencing. I have discovered that counseling with video conferencing provides specifically well to working with expats who might be living in an area where there is minimal or no access to a experienced and certified English speaking therapist.

It is safe to say that most expats are Type A individualities. They have high operated jobs possibly as diplomats or senior executives in multi-national corporations. Their couples, we find, also tend to be Type A personalities. One of the qualities of a Type A person is a perfectionistic streak, which regularly leads to anxiety as it’s difficult to be perfect. We’re just not designed that way.

Expat spouses also often experience the impression that everyone appears to have it all together except them. They build an ideology of being a super mom (or dad) in the expat community to appear strong and self – reliant.

A lot of of these spouses left their own high powered professions to follow their husbands or wives overseas. As it is frequently difficult for a spouse to work abroad, this can have the consequence in a loss of identity which can often lead to emotions of low self-esteem and depression.

The materials as well as my own expertise supports the reality that expat online counseling is as efficient as therapy when dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship issues and eating disorders. Exploration has shown that the quality of the connection between client and therapist is the single most important variable in projecting a beneficial outcome of therapy.

I have also had achievements with online marriage counseling using video chat for expat online counseling. It is fascinating to observe that in order for us all to see each other, the couple must sit close together. This in itself can result in a re-bonding, or provide to light what is unpleasant about being in cloase vicinity to one another, which is grist for the mill.

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