What Is the Cheapest Franchise Fast Food?

Jason Markey

Customers weigh the costs and benefits when looking for a fast-food franchise. These costs include things like franchise fees, equipment, and staff costs. They want to know they can make their money back quickly. But some people are put off by the start-up costs and spend more than they need on a new business.

There are many fast-food franchise options available, but you likely won’t find one that is cheap and offers good value for money. We have researched the cheapest franchises that are worth buying in 2022! Now you can super-charge your career with this list of fast-food chains, off the back of ‘cheap’ franchises that offer excellent value for money. For your convenience, look them up at thegreatgreekgrillfranchise.com; we have made an overview of some franchised fast-food restaurants and their costs. Read on to learn the cheapest franchise fast food.


Fast food sandwich chain Subway has outlets across the world. It has a large following because of its extensive marketing efforts. It can be found in over 42,000 locations. A Subway franchise costs $15,000 to get started. The initial investment ranges in price from $100,000 to $400,000.

It is necessary to have a minimum of $30,000 in the bank to open a Subway franchise. It’s possible to generate money with a Subway franchise, but it’s not simple. Before buying a franchise, prospective buyers should know all the dangers, rules, and financial obligations. Those who want to become franchisees must also be financially secure in the event of an unexpected expense, a terrible market, or a rainy day.


More than 50 countries already have franchisees of this firm. Ice cream, pastries, drinks, and frozen yogurt are all available at this shop.

A $25,000 franchise fee is one of the financial prerequisites for owning this franchise. According to other information, the initial investment might range from $93,550 to $401,800. In addition, $125,000 in cash and $250,000 in net worth are required.

You can also get money and assistance from Baskin-Robbins. It can be paid for through a third-party financing agreement. Payroll, receivables, and start-up expenses are all covered by this sum, as well. Equipment and inventory are also part of the total investment.


Subs of all lengths are available at the fast-food restaurant franchise. Alternatively, if you can’t afford a Subway franchise, you may buy a Quiznos franchise at $10,000. You can anticipate paying between $200,000 and $330,000 to open a Quizno’s.

Toasted submarine sandwiches are the specialty at Quiznos, a Denver, Colorado-based American fast-food company owned by Quiz Holdings, LLC. The Schaden brothers bought it from him ten years later for $300,000. After that, the number of restaurants expanded to about 5,000.

Domino’s Pizza

It opened in 1960; since then, it’s been the world’s most recognizable pizza brand. The company’s success is largely due to its franchising concept, which is based solely on the corporation. The initial franchise agreement is valid for ten years. Franchisees are only eligible for an additional ten years provided they have met all of the conditions throughout the current term.

The franchisor must approve the location of a Domino’s store. Traditional store franchisees will be assigned a specific area of responsibility within their business model. As a standard feature of the franchise agreement, this is normally within one mile. The major duty area shrinks to a half-mile radius when a neighborhood has a lot of inhabitants.


In 1954, the opportunity to purchase a franchise became available. It wasn’t until 2005 that the company began selling franchises. Convenience stores, truck stops, college campuses, and supermarkets all have Chester locations. The majority of the menu consists primarily of chicken dishes.

A $3,500 initial franchise fee is one of the requirements for becoming a franchisor. In addition, a minimum investment of $12,385 is required. There are no strings attached if your application is accepted. A contract with a third party covers equipment, a franchise fee, and other start-up expenditures.

It has even more positive aspects. Services that aid it can be found here. Training, support, and marketing are some things it can help with. When the contract is signed, these minor matters will be discussed.

Starting a franchise means making a financial commitment to your chosen brand. Knowing what you are getting into before you start and how much money it costs to start a franchise is essential. Fast food restaurants are the best way of doing this because they have a wide variety of low-cost options.

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