What Is the Difference Between An Interior And Exterior Door?

Jason Markey

Considering changing some doors in your apartment, you may want to get the best door that suits your taste. That’s fine; the issue here is, do you know the difference between an exterior and an interior door?

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Both interior and exterior are not just different because of their location, or as their name implies, it’s more than that. They are built to serve different but necessary purposes in an apartment.  

Certain features differentiate an exterior from an interior door. This post will help give you basic knowledge as a guide when buying a door.

Grab a seat, and let’s get to it. 

Difference Between An Interior and An Exterior Door

  1. Purpose

This covers the main reason why an exterior serves a different purpose from an interior one. 

These two doors perform and are built for specific functions.

Exterior doors are made to serve as a form of security, boost insulation and maintain a favorable temperature in the long run. It also serves as a barrier against harsh weather conditions in the house.  

Interior doors are built to function as means of creating privacy inside a building. They also serve as demarcations between rooms in a house. 

  1. Mode of Construction

They are constructed with different materials to meet their specific needs. 

Exterior doors are mostly made with wood, fiberglass, steel, or iron just to serve their purpose. Unlike the exterior door, interior doors are made from light materials like plywood. 

Aside from the materials used in construction, exterior doors are sometimes constructed with peepholes and window panes. This enables its user to access a visitor before entry. 

Interior doors do not necessarily need such openings. Except when constructed for specific places like banks, government offices, and some security organizations based on demand. 

  1. Cost

Having different purposes also entails having different costs. An exterior door will be relatively expensive; they require the use of heavy and combined materials for their makeup. 

Interior doors, compared to exterior doors, can be less expensive. This doesn’t make them inferior. 

You cannot have an interior door at the entrance of your building due to cost, and it will attract more maintenance costs and damages. 

  1. Size

An exterior and interior door differ in size based on their function. 

You cannot install a heavy-duty door in your room to the bathroom; rather, a lightweight door will be better. 

Exterior doors are always bigger compared to an interior door. Interior doors are smaller and thus cannot be at the entrance to prevent traffic. 

All exterior doors are not large per se, but they mainly come in large sizes. 


Choosing a door for your apartment should be based on its location and also its function. Aside from that, if you find it difficult to differentiate the two, you can consult a professional and also make inquiries at the store where you intend to purchase them. 

Always use the right door for the right location and purpose.

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