What Is The Difference Between Carpet And Rug?

Jason Markey

Rug and carpet are pieces of thick cloth that are usually enlaced by natural fibers. However, both can be made from artificial materials and give a finishing touch to houses globally.

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Some people use them interchangeably as they are both floor coverings. However, they both have their undisputable differences, which are as follows;

  • A carpet is a fixed floor covering that can span wall to wall, covering the entire floor. A rug is a floor covering of a thick woven material or animal skin that covers a particular area of the floor. 
  • The carpet is large and has an extra layer, which makes it to be of high thickness and ultimately keeps its shape. However, the rug is smaller and has no extra layer,  making it depend on anti-slip mats as it cannot keep its shape.
  • Cleaning of carpet is usually done manually, requiring professional help. It requires much attention and costs more. While cleaning the rug is easier, as it requires less attention, which makes it much cheaper.
  • The carpet is glued to the floor and thus cannot be rolled up easily and transported from one place to another. While rugs are versatile and easy to move, they can be rolled up and transported from one place to another easily.
  • The carpet is trip and slip-resistant. It is firmly attached to the floor, which makes it the best choice of floor covering in houses where elderly or small children live. But, when rugs are unsecured, they can become hazardous, causing trips and slips.
  • When compared to a rug, a carpet is a tougher counterpart. It is more durable, long-lasting, and stain resistant.
  • Carpets in heavily frequented areas might wear down. It’ll then need to be repaired by replacing the worn-out parts with new pieces of carpet, giving it an unattractive appearance. While it’s easy to remove the rug here and there.
  • Carpets hold dust and other irritants,  which can pose a danger to those with asthmatic problems, triggering asthmatic attacks. In contrast, rug permits airflow and prevents molds that can cause respiratory challenges.
  • Carpet can destroy the floor during the process of its removal because it is firmly glued to the floor.  While the rug protects the floor from being damaged,  it’s not fastened to the floor. 
  • Carpet provides an extra layer of warmth as it covers the whole floor of the room, unlike a rug which covers less than 40 square feet of the room.
  • Though both carpets and rugs are made of similar materials like cotton, jute, wool, and hemp, they differ in terms of pattern and texture. 
  • Rugs are often more costly than carpets, as they are also a component of several cultures and ethnicities. 
  • Rugs have a more opulent sense than carpets because of their art, texture, and glitz, and they are even passed from one generation to another.
  • Rugs are often handmade, which makes them one-of-a-kind collector’s items, whereas carpets are typically machine-made

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