What to Expect on Your First Visit to the Cosmetic Dentist?

Jason Markey

Whether you simply want to get your teeth cleaned or need to replace damaged teeth, you will have to visit a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentists conduct various procedures that include minor tooth fixes to major surgeries. They can take care of teeth whitening, put dental veneers, dental crowns, inlays and onlays, implants, and dental bonding. Finding a good cosmetic dentist in Hawaii is not difficult if you look properly. You can visit Pacific Dental & Implant Solutions if you are looking for a cosmetic dentist for your dental problems. Their services include dental implants, tooth restoration, dental crowns, and veneers. Their experienced dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and recommend treatment options based on findings.

What Happens During Your First Visit to a Cosmetic Dentist?

There is a lot that happens at your first cosmetic dental appointment. Below is the general process of what you can expect:

Fill Out the Patient Form

The first thing you will be asked to do when you visit a cosmetic dentist for the first time is filling out a patient medical form. This form can include information like your name and contact details, your dental and general medical history, the purpose of your visit, and your insurance information. The information you provide on the form will give the dental team your detailed medical and dental history. It will help them determine what may have impacted your oral health and also give them information about your other health conditions. 

In-Depth Dental Exam

Once you fill out the form, you will be taken for a comprehensive dental exam. The dentist will conduct a full-mouth exam for gum health and tooth decay and examine your entire mouth, neck, and head area. They will look for signs of tooth decay on the surface of your teeth. The dentist will probe your teeth gently with a dental instrument and look for cavities. They will also check for problems with any old fillings, bridges, braces, crowns, dentures, or other dental restorations.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays help dentists catch issues they may not see with the naked eye. They help the dentist identify deeper underlying problems. The x-rays can be taken by a registered dental assistant who will help the dentist capture these images.

Periodontal Exam

A periodontal evaluation is another name for a gum exam. This exam is typically conducted by a registered dental hygienist. The hygienist will try to identify potential gum issues and note down the findings for the dentist to examine and diagnose. They will also determine the type of cleaning you require. Cleanings can range from preventive cleaning to scaling and root planning. You may get the cleaning on the same day or at another appointment depending on what is found during the exam. 

Teeth Cleaning and Polishing

If the teeth can be cleaned on the same day, the dentist will conduct thorough teeth cleaning. Cleaning typically includes removing calculus that gets formed above and below your gum line. It also includes removing the sticky, invisible film of plaque that gets formed over your teeth and can cause periodontal disease. Your teeth will also be polished during the last stage of cleaning. The dental team will also give you tips on brushing and flossing your teeth to main optimum oral health.

Dental Report

Once your teeth are thoroughly cleaned, you will get a detailed dental report about your overall dental health. The dentist will complete a detailed dental exam, including oral cancer screening, and review your x-rays. They will discuss the report with you and inform you about all the findings. If there are any issues, they will discuss the different treatment options so that you can make an informed decision about your dental health. 

Billing and Insurance

Once your initial exams and cleaning are done, you will be taken to discuss billing and insurance. While you may be informed about billing and insurance at the beginning of the appointment, this is when you get a detailed estimate of the treatment you require. The estimate will include the price of the recommended treatment and the date of your follow-up appointment. The staff at the dental clinic will take care of the billing for you. If you have insurance coverage, they will submit the cost to the insurance company.

While a dental visit can feel scary and overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be like that. Having a good dental team guide you through the admission process and explaining all the procedures and tests patiently can make the entire experience hassle-free and comfortable.

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