Thursday, June 1, 2023

When Should You Get a Pest Inspection?

Nobody wants to live with pests and little critters running around in their space. This is why most property owners take strict steps against pest problems. Avoiding pest problems has a lot of benefits. First, you protect yourself and your loved ones from the millions of pathogens and diseases they transmit. In addition, you also save yourself some money in repairs and hiring pest control companies.

While pest prevention is a great way to live a happy and peaceful life, knowing when to inspect a property can contribute immensely to that. A top Residential Pest Extermination in Charlotte North Carolina has highlighted the important times for people to carry out pest inspection services to keep themselves safe and protect their pockets from leaks.

When To Get Pest Inspection Done

Before Buying A Property

Home buyers are often very excited about taking the next financial and investment step that they may forget the important things. It is highly recommended that you hire an experienced pest control and inspection company to look at the property you’re about to buy before signing the dotted lines.

Buying a pest-infested property can quickly drain the joy and happiness you felt making the payment. In fact, getting rid of the pests and bringing the property up to livable standards can cost you some more money that could have gone into other productive ventures.

A great way to ensure you’re buying your dream home in one piece is to contact a pest inspection company to check it out. The company can tell you about existing pest problems or areas that require immediate action to prevent pest issues. You can also use the detailed report offered by the inspection company as a bargaining chip to lower the property’s asking price.

Before Selling Your Property

Pest problems go both ways. The buyer doesn’t want a pest-infested property, nor does the seller. As a property seller, you must understand that the pest situation in your property can affect its value and sale price.

A good way to ensure you’re commanding the right price for your property is to contact a pest inspection company to look at its condition. You can also pay the pest control company to exterminate all pest problems in your property, putting it in a better condition for the buyers and their pest inspectors.

A pest-free property will surely command a lot more money and sell faster compared to one that has been infested and riddled with pest problems.

Property Valuation

Property valuation can be done for many reasons, including understanding the current market value of your property and its current condition. During this assessment, a pest inspection can give you an idea of what has been damaged and how such damages have impacted the property.

You can hire a pest inspection company during the valuation process to understand the interior and exterior conditions of your property. It can also be a great time to address all existing problems, repair damages caused by rodents, birds, termites, and other pests, and restore the property to a pristine condition.

What Is Included In A Pest Inspection Service?

Whether as a buyer, seller, or property owner, knowing what is included in your pest inspection service gives a sense of value for money. For most pest inspection services, you can expect your inspector to go over areas like;

Roof exterior and space: Roofing damages can attract pests like rodents and birds. Your pest inspector will check for roofing damages and any other pest problems that may have taken over the area.

External and internal walls: The external and internal walls often provide shelter to ants, bed bugs, insects, rodents, reptiles, and other pests. The pest inspector will check both interior and exterior walls to identify problem areas or potential problem areas.

Windows, doors, and frames: The windows, doors, and frames are the biggest entryways for pests in any home. When damaged and left unrepaired, cracks and crevices in these areas can open doors to pests. The inspector will check this area to be sure they are properly covered or lack common signs of pest presence.

Cabinets and kitchen pantry: Pests are interested in your food and the shelter that your property provides. A good place to trace pest problems is the kitchen – where all the food is. The inspector will check the cabinets and food pantry for signs of pest problems and determine the type of pest you may be dealing with.

Building’s underfloors: your basement, under floors, and surrounding structures can be major pointers to pest problems, especially if you’re dealing with ants and termites. Your pest inspection technician will check this area to be sure the property is pest-free before drawing a report.

It is important to act fast when pest problems have been noticed on your property. Contact an experienced pest extermination contractor to get started.