Thursday, June 1, 2023

Where Should You Place Your Bedroom Humidifier?

There’s a lot to enjoy about the weather once it cools down. The cooler nights, brisk air, and low humidity (to name a few). But with that low humidity and cooler air comes dry air, and dry air can cause some health problems.

Dry air is typically associated with some common health issues, especially respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, and chest spasms. More than that, sore throats are extremely common during the colder months (you can likely remember a time you had one last chilly season) because the dry air directly impacts how your throat can become inflamed and irritated. This dryness and soreness also is the reason behind the more common association of nosebleeds. Aside from your breathing and throat, dry air is also the culprit of eye irritation and dry skin (think of a flakey scalp).

Basically, all of these health issues result in higher stress levels because it feels as though you are falling apart some days.  That’s why it is recommended that a room’s humidity levels remain anywhere between 30 and 50 percent, to avoid these health risks. If an air’s humidity level drops below that 30 percent point then you and your loved ones are at risk. Fortunately, there is a simple way to avoid these issues without having to blast the heat (which no one wants to do in the cooler months, as it ruins the pleasurable brisk air you’ve missed so much).

All you need to solve your dry air problems is a bedroom humidifier. And there are quite a few benefits to owning one. 

  • A bedroom humidifier will work to take the dry fall air that fills your home, after a humid summer, and brings up the humidity level to one that is comfortable. 
  • The bedroom humidifier uses water, so you’ll never run out of ways to refill it
  • Beyond the benefits of the actual cooling mist on the way your child breathes, the white noise is so subtle that your child will hardly notice it’s on. Yet, the subdued sound will also be subtle enough to relax them, with its whispering sounding quality.
  • It shuts off automatically, so there’s no need to worry if you turned it off or not
  • You can adjust just how much mist goes into the air, dependent on how dry you feel your child’s space is
  • As a result of all of these features, cool humidifiers can potentially ease coughing and congestion which can prevent or reduce cold symptoms as the weather cools down.

Plus, some even come with an essential oil tray that circulates the fragrant oil of your choosing through the cool mist as it disperses throughout the room and humidified your space. And others even have a soothing LED night light so that you and your family can breathe better while also feeling comforted by a nightlight as you drift off to sleep or enjoy the spaces within your bedroom. 

Most humidifiers work with rooms of anywhere from 200 to 500 square feet, perfect for a guest bedroom, kid’s bedroom, or master bedroom. And purchasing one will help you to breathe better throughout the night and well into your early morning.

So, where should you place your bedroom humidifier? You might think that simply owning one is enough, and the actual placement of where it goes doesn’t matter. But you’d be mistaken. Where you place your bedroom humidifier can increase how effective it is on your health by over 15 percent. On the reverse, if you put it in the wrong place it could decrease how effective it is by 30 percent, and you’d be wasting how to use it properly.

Here are the do’s and don’t of where to place your bedroom humidifier:


  • On a table
  • Near plants
  • On your bedside nightstand 
  • Near a window or free-moving air (such as a window or door)
  • Close to a heater or radiator or other places where the humidity is possibly the lowest
  • As close to the center of the room as possible


  • Put your bedroom humidifier in a corner
  • Place it on the floor (the standard rule is two to four feet above the ground)
  • Have it too closely placed near a wall
  • Place it near any electronic devices, in case it spills or moistens the device


As you purchase your bedroom humidifier to alleviate the dry air issue in your home, you’ll be thankful for your health and the health of your family almost immediately. You’ll notice how a bedroom humidifier can easily fix numerous health issues that can be associated with the cooler months and wonder what you ever did without it. Take note of these do’s and don’t of where to place your bedroom humidifier as you purchase one for every bedroom in the home and feel better all season long.