Which Amenities Are Available Onboard with 2 Nauti Charters?

Jason Markey

How can you best turn a trip into an adventure? Truth be told, when you book a fishing charter, you have your mind set on creating a memorable experience. To this end, a chartered vessel should be outfitted with everything you need for a successful day of fishing. Besides the basics like comfortable seating, a few amenities can make a difference.

The team at 2 Nauti Charters wants you to have the best possible experience when you charter one of their vessels. Besides providing all the fishing gear, their charter fishing boats feature many other amenities to make your day more enjoyable.

Whether you want to explore the sights and sounds of the magical Florida Keys or you’re into offshore fishing, the charter firm has you covered. You can enjoy sandbar and sunset cruises, backcountry trips, day trips, and more with them.

When you charter a boat from 2 Nauti Charters, you can be confident you’re getting a vessel outfitted with everything you need for a successful day of fishing. Their fleet of boats comes equipped with the following amenities:

1. Fishfinder 

A fishfinder is a sonar device used to locate schools of fish underwater. It works by sending out sound waves and then measuring the time it takes for those waves to bounce back.

By analyzing the returning waves, a fishfinder can create a map of the underwater landscape and identify areas likely to contain fish. Fishfinders can be especially helpful for locating fish in unfamiliar waters or areas where the fish are not biting.

Although turbulence or weeds can affect the quality of the sonar waves, a fishfinder can help take the guesswork out of finding fish. Moreover, 2 Nauti Charters doesn’t rely exclusively on a fishfinder. The crew applies other methods, such as watching birds or looking for baitfish, when trying to locate fish. That way, when you charter any of their vessels, you’re assured of a fun day out as you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll catch anything.

2. GPS 

Another vital piece of equipment on our charter fishing boats is a GPS or global positioning system. This device uses satellites to pinpoint our location and can be very helpful when navigating unfamiliar waters, such as during offshore deep-sea expeditions.

Thus, it helps the vessel stay on track if you drift off course. As a result, you won’t be concerned about getting lost while on the water on a fishing excursion. Plus, you get to make the most of your offshore trip.

GPS is also ideal for marking the location of good fishing spots. That way, you can easily find them again next time you want to go fishing. Sounds like a plan, right?

3. Live Bait Well 

A Live bait well is a tank that keeps baitfish alive and fresh. It’s essential for charter fishing, as baitfish are a necessary part of the equation for catching fish. The live bait well on 2 Nauti’s charter fishing vessels is constantly aerated to ensure the baitfish remain healthy and lively. As a result, you have better odds of catching the tastiest fish available.

4. Ice Box

Customers also get access to an ice box for storing their catch. This is essential, as fish need to be kept cool to stay fresh until you’re ready to cook them. The ice box on 2 Nauti’s fishing boats is large enough to accommodate a good day’s worth of catch.

5. Rod Holders

You’ll need somewhere to store your fishing rods while not using them. That’s why the charter company has rod holders mounted on their fishing vessels. This way, you can keep your hands free from other tasks without worrying about where to put your rods.

6. Outriggers 

Generally, outriggers are poles that extend from the side of a boat. They support fishing lines and keep them from tangling. Outriggers are particularly helpful when you or your friends want to cast a few lines into the water. Thus, you can fish multiple lines at once without the risk of your baited lines becoming tangled and causing avoidable frustration.

2 Nauti Charters is proud to offer a wide range of amenities on its fleet of fishing boats. Thus, you can focus on what’s important: catching fish and having a blast. Plus, their vessels can accommodate up to six anglers of all ages. That means you can enjoy a great day of fishing with family and friends.

Of course, every angler has their preferences, so consider discussing your needs with the charter organization before booking your trip. By so doing, they can better attend to you. And with the right amenities on board, you’re sure to have a great time out on the water.

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