Thursday, June 1, 2023

Why Beat Cavalry Spv I Llc Is The Worst Debt Collector Out There?

Up until the past few months, I didn’t know who beat Cavalry SPV I LLC was, let alone consider them my enemy – but ever since they started calling me, showing up at my office, and even suing me as part of their harassing collection tactics, my mind has been changed. I now consider these guys to be among the worst debt collectors in the business, and so should you! Here’s why!


Beat Cavalry SPV I LLC will use any necessary means to get you to pay. 

Here are some of their favourite tactics: 

  1. Calling You Any Time, Regardless of Day or Night 
  2. Calling Your Friends and Family 
  3. Calling Your Place of Employment 2. Threatening You with Legal Action If You Don’t Pay Up 
  4. Calling You After Filing Bankruptcy 
  5. Threatening To Contact Law Enforcement 


They call you at all hours of the day and night, including early in the morning and late into the evening. They hound your friends, family, neighbours, coworkers and other contacts who might know where to find you. – You can’t get them to stop calling. They tell you they’re going to take money from your bank account or garnish your wages until they get paid…and they don’t care if it’s by legal means. They send letters and make phone calls demanding money for an alleged debt that isn’t yours.


Beat Cavalry SPV I LLC is one of the worst debt collectors out there. They use unethical, inappropriate and borderline harassing tactics to try and get you to pay back the alleged outstanding debt. This company has a terrible reputation for picking up debts that are not even yours, calling incessantly and having been known to call people’s employers, which can lead to termination.


The first thing they do is call you repeatedly, even if you don’t answer. They might not stop calling or texting you all day and night or just keep calling and hanging up. They might threaten to take legal action against you, or they might threaten to report your delinquency to a credit bureau. Beat Cavalry SPV I LLC uses these scare tactics in an attempt to intimidate people into paying their alleged outstanding debt immediately.


Debt collectors’ tactics to try and get you to pay back the alleged outstanding debt often border on harassment. For example, they may call your home or work phone at odd hours of the night, show up at your place of employment unannounced, or even show up in person at your residence.

Rude Behavior

Debt collectors will call you at all hours of the day, violate your privacy by asking about your private life, and contact people in your life – sometimes even telling them you owe a debt. They may also contact your employer, which can jeopardize your job. They can come to your home or place of work without notice. These are just a few examples of how debt collectors routinely deploy unethical, inappropriate and borderline harassing tactics to try and get you to pay back the alleged outstanding debt.


Knowing your rights and how to protect yourself when dealing with a debt collector is crucial. But if you’re being hounded by an unethical company like beat Cavalry SPV I LLC, it’s essential to contact a reputable consumer law attorney in your area.