Thursday, June 1, 2023

Why Hosting a Bitcoin ATM in Oklahoma Can Help Your Business Generate More Revenues

Did you know that if you were to host a Bitcoin ATM in Oklahoma in your store, you could earn almost $36,000 a year? As more and more crypto enthusiasts turn to Bitcoin ATMs for buying and selling cryptos, the number of ATMs keeps skyrocketing.

If you can actually host a machine in your shop, isn’t that a good way to make some more money? You could become a host or operator of Bitcoin ATMs and earn huge revenues. This, of course, would depend on daily transactions, the volume of transactions, business location, and revenues from transaction charges. But, all in all, you stand to gain if you decide to install a Bitcoin kiosk in-store.

How can hosting a Bitcoin ATM make you richer?

If you decide to host an ATM in your shop, you can share a part of the revenues with an operator. The operator is responsible for running and maintaining the machines. As a host, you will be entitled to monthly fees in return for the space you offer an ATM operator.

Using a Bitcoin ATM, shoppers will now be able to buy Bitcoins when they walk into your store. This automatically means that the footfall to your store will increase.

People are not keen to use safe channels for transactions with Bitcoins, especially since news of exchanges getting hacked is not new. So, you will find quite a few customers looking for a shop with in-store crypto-purchasing facilities vis-à-vis a BTM.

Shoppers prefer to use Bitcoin ATMs rather than going through the tedious process of transacting on an exchange because ATMs are faster. They don’t have to wait for registering an account on a brokerage platform. Neither do they have to wait for transactions to go through? ATM transactions are quicker and remain completely anonymous.

These are the main reasons why keeping a crypto ATM in your Oklahoma store can benefit both you and your customers alike.

Can a Bitcoin ATM help you to get more business?

  • To start with, when you can offer something new and unique to your customers, as a Bitcoin AT in-store, you will attract more shoppers. You get an edge over your rivals and you will even find people coming into your shop only to use the ATM.
  • Bitcoin ATMs mean better business opportunities. The traffic to your shop increases and this means higher sales. Just like in the case of bank ATMs, passersby will notice an ATM and decide to buy their first cryptos here.
  • Every transaction means higher revenues for the store owner. ATMs usually charge steep fees in exchange for the convenience they offer. So, that gives you the chance to earn some more money. Your store becomes popular by word of mouth and soon you can start earning more profits every month.
  • Besides giving you more revenue, a Bitcoin ATM inside your business means your credibility and reputation get a boost. People understand that your business is in tune with the times and embraces the latest technologies. People are always enamored by new technologies and innovations. So, if your business can offer something which others don’t, you know you have created a lasting impression.

So, go ahead and sign up with an operator to host a Bitcoin kiosk in your shop. There’s no better way to expand your client base than by offering them something that is the talk of the town!