Why is Corrugated Packaging Ideal for Manufacturers?


Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated packaging is one of the most popular packaging solutions worldwide, especially for wholesale shipping supplies. With the ever-growing need for recyclable and reusable materials for packaging, corrugated packaging provides remarkably cheaper and eco-friendly solutions. There are many benefits to using paper-based corrugated cartons, some of them which are described below:

1. Corrugated Packaging Is Eco-Friendly  

Eco-friendly products have become the need of the hour, and fortunately, corrugated packaging is not as harmful to the environment compared to other products. As one of the most popular wholesale shipping supplies packaging, corrugated products are manufactured using 70% to 100% recyclable materials. Corrugated boxes are made with wood pulp which decomposes relatively faster than other materials such as plastic. Besides, corrugated packaging made of recycled components requires less time for manufacturing as most manufacturing companies get their materials from local recyclers, cutting down transportation time and cost. 

Another advantage of corrugated cartons is that they can also be reused, which reduces the need to get new packaging every time.

2. It’s Durable

Another reason shipping suppliers and manufacturers choose corrugated packaging over other wholesale packaging supplies are that it’s quite durable and ensures stability. The packaging offers effective cushioning and helps in transporting products over long distances. Plus, it can be easily handled by both warehouse workers and customers. 

3. It Doesn’t Cost a Lot

Corrugated packaging is also relatively inexpensive, so it can be used by small companies as well. These boxes don’t need a lot of labor or technology to be produce, which is why the selling cost of these boxes is also low. 

4. It’s Lightweight

Lightweight packaging ensures easy loading, unloading, and transportation of products. Besides, customers can also handle the products without any hassle. Corrugated packaging is light and does offer some protection, which makes it perfect for use in a manufacturing environment. Warehouse workers  find it easy to work with corrugated packaging when packing, loading, and unloading.  

Wood, plastic, or metal might seem practical for packaging, but they add extra weight to the overall product and make shipping very expensive. This is also not convenient for manufacturers  who simply don’t need to pay a lot extra for shipping unnecessary weight added to their  products. On the other hand, products like paper might be very lightweight, but they are prone to damage when transported over long distances. This is where corrugated cardboards offer a great alternative. Not only is corrugated cardboard durable, but it is also lightweight.

5. The Packaging Guarantees Better Protection

Business owners and manufacturers just want to ensure that their products reach customers safely. Fortunately, corrugated boxes are strong enough and offer protection for an extended time. It is less prone to damages incurred during transit, which guarantees that products will reach customers safely and securely. 


Corrugated packaging is one of the best ways to transport products without compromising the safety of products and spending tons of money. Distinctive Solutions offers high-quality corrugated packaging solutions to a wide range of GTA and Southwestern Ontario businesses. Contact Distinctive Solutions

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