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SBI Simply Save

SBI Credit Cards are designed to help you save money. By paying a one-time joining fee you can save a handsome amount on your daily spending. What you need to do is get an SBI Credit Card of your choice and change your payment methods once you get the card. Instead of using cash or UPI, use the SBI Card. because every transaction of your card provides a reward benefit which can later offer your discount vouchers and many other benefits. One such card that can help you save money is SBI Simply Save Credit Card. Get to know about this SBI Card on the page below.

Features of SBI Simply Save

Every SBI Card has their features and this is what distinguishes them from one another. Let’s have a look at the SBI Simply Save Credit Card offer below –

Reward Point

One point is credited on every INR 150 card transaction, you can use these points to pay the outstanding credit card balance or redeem them against an array of gifts. Visit the SBI portal and through Rewards Catalog choose your gifts

Welcome Offer

The new credit card holder will get INR 100 cash back on their first ATM cash withdrawal. The offer is valid if they do this within 30 days of getting the credit card. So keep this offer in mind to avail of the full benefits of the SBI Card, because once the validity expires, you can’t get the cashback.

Contactless Advantage

Your daily purchases are done with SimplySAVE SBI Card with just a wave. To make a retail transaction with your SBI Credit card, wave it at a secure reader. This makes it fast and convenient. So, no need to hand over your card or look for cash to make purchases. The card never leaves you during a contactless transaction, hence reducing the risk of loss and fraud. Even if you wave the card multiple times at the reader, the unique security key of Visa payWave ensures only one transaction is made.

Worldwide Acceptance

SBI SimplySAVE Card has accepted over 24 million outlets over the globe, with 3,25,000 outlets in India. To use your card for payments, check whether they accept Visa or MasterCard. If they do, wave and pay for the purchase without any hassle

Add-on Cards for Your Family

Your family can also use the SBI Card with the add-on feature. This is designed to cover all the needs of a family in one card. So if you need it for your parents, spouse, children or siblings, apply for an add-on card. For this SBI may charge a nominal fee from you. 

Cash on the Go

Withdraw cash from your SBI Credit Card at over one million Visa or MasterCard ATMs. If you need cash for urgent financial needs, use the credit card to withdraw from your credit card account. For such transactions, an additional charge may apply. 

Utility Bill Payment Done with 

You can pay for electricity, telephone, mobile and other utility bills with the SimplySAVE SBI Card. Such transactions will earn you reward points. To save money while paying your bills use this card. You can also transfer the outstanding balance of your other banks’ cards to your SimplySAVE SBI Card, for a lower rate of interest. And pay the bills in equated monthly installments. This will reduce your burden

Apply for Simply Save Credit Card

You know about every feature of the Simply Save Credit Card now, so apply for it. You can do the same by visiting the bank’s portal on your mobile. Fill in an application form and submit a few documents. If you want, you can also apply for the card offline by visiting the branch office. A reference number is given to you after that for tracking the application status. In case of any query call the SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number. So get your card now.

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